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Organization History

The Amache Alliance was formed in 2021 as a California nonprofit public benefit corporation for charitable, educational, and historic purposes. Why the new organization?  The Amache Historical Society 2 (AHS2) could not be recognized as a CA formal organization under CA business laws due to the similarity of its name to the original Amache Historical Society.  The Amache Alliance will take over AHS2 responsibilities and fill the role of the retiring nisei-led Amache Historical Society nonprofit organization, established in 1977.

In 2023, the Amache Alliance became an official National Park Service philanthropic partner and Friends Group for the Amache National Historic Site. 


Legacy Organizations

Amache Historical Society – The Amache Historical Society consists of a group of surviving Amache internees based in California.  The Society was a major supporter and fundraiser for the Granada High School's Amache Preservation Society, Amache projects, and serves as an overall resource regarding historical interpretation, planning, and development.  The Nisei leaders wanted this group to retire with them.

Amache Historical Society II – The Amache Historical Society II was started by a group of surviving Amache Sansei and Yonsei descendants.  They are continued the work of the Amache Historical Society, with a mission to preserve the Amache site (Granada, CO), educate about Amache’s history and legacy by gathering survivors’ stories, communicate via the website, and support the Amache Preservation Society, with maintenance of the Amache site and Museum.  This group decided to formally organize into a nonprofit to further support the Amache efforts.

Preservation History
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